Child Locks for Each Door



Offer an option to individually control the 2nd-row door child locks.


It happens often for us, that my wife travels in the left 2nd row and my daughter sits on the right 2nd row where the child seat is mounted. It is very annoying that my wife cannot open her door from the inside due to child protection. The ability to select none, left, right, trunk, all would be great. The trunk should be protected in all cases apart from none since I can’t think of a scenario to lock a single door but not the trunk.

Moderator: Currently there is only an option to lock out the 2nd-row doors and the liftgate as a group. Many cars offer individual controls per 2nd-row doors (but are mechanical affairs).



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     Created 16-Apr-2014


I would not want it to unlock on park for my child. I would much prefer the option of Left/Right toggling. I have been requesting this feature directly to Tesla for over a year with zero traction. It's frustrating because this should be such an easy thing to implement.
    Created 25-Nov-2019
maybe an option to unlock on park

so they can't open the door when stopped, only when I put the car in park

Off / Park / On
    Created 3-Dec-2014
I like the Right, Left, None but how about the front passenger seat?  I don’t have kids, but i have wondered about this.
    Created 13-May-2014