Emergency “Cast Off” Charging From Inside Car



Offer the ability to unlock and pop out the charging connector from inside the car, so one can leave in a threatening emergency.


When refueling an ICE, in an emergency you might be able to take off if something threatens you (hopefully the pump line will break off and not catch fire).

With EVs, you have to get out of the vehicle and take 5-10 seconds to disconnect and get back into the relative security of the car. A few Supercharging locations could be sketchy, and if someone or something threatens you, you are trapped.

Ideally, there would be an emergency push button which would instantly turn off the charging. eject the handle, and allow you to drive off. There are a couple of dark, remote locations where I must charge in the wee hours. Sidearms are prohibited there but considering the alternatives, it would be a welcome addition to have this emergency function.

Moderator: This Now You Know video shows some clever third-party prototypes to provide this feature.



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     Created 5-Dec-2021

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I have suggested this to several Tesla people here in Dallas to onpass, and have even stooped to tweeting Elon Musk.

So far, crickets.
    Created 1-May-2022