Easy Entry Improvement on Entry



After entering in the car, steering wheel and seat should move to “personal” position when you buckle up and not with pressing brake.


Easy entry feature is improved in latest updates. Actually, easy exit is improved with unbuckling. So should easy entry be improved with buckling up.

If there is a tall first driver and easy exit/entry is set for him (her) and a second driver is not so tall it is very uncomfortable for him (her) to press brake to activate moving of steering wheel and a car seat.



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     Created 1-Jan-2018


Good post guys!
    Created 1-Dec-2021
I'm pretty short and my exit is very far back.  When I buckle up and then select my profile the belt get tight fairly fast and I have to manually handle the seat belt to make sure i'm not pinned in the seat.  Since this happens all the time I move seat position then buckle up.  MS early 2013.

I personally would like the two settings to be linked to my fob, when will that happen?
    Created 1-Aug-2018
Syd I do not think so. Seat is moving very slow and seat belt will be adjusted while seat moves forward. Try it. Buckle up and move seat forward.

Seat belts (driver & passenger) are inertial and are not locked.

    Created 1-Jan-2018
Alas, moving the seat once buckled, can cause issues with the seat belt tightness.
    Created 1-Jan-2018