Localized Proximity Audio Alarm



When the proximity alarm sounds when getting too close to an object localize the interior alarm sound to match the location of the object.


For example, an obstacle near the front right corner, sound the warning from the front right speaker. This will help the user to know the source of the obstacle without having to divert their eyes to the screen.

From PeeB: I’ve had a scenario where I was reversing alongside a wall, causing the proximity alert to sound (and display). I had to ignore this sound as I was aware of the wall and moving parallel to it, so it wasn’t a problem. As I reversed further and approached an obstacle behind the car there was no change of the audible alert and I hit it!



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     Created 24-May-2017

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We have directional fart sounds. I don't see why we can't have directional parking assistance. :)
    Created 23-Jan-2020