Charge based on Calendar Trips



Use the calendar with location addresses to automatically adjust the maximum charge. If no trips or only local trips, it might set the charge to 80%. When an event like long-distance travel is planned for the next day, it would set the charge to what is needed or perhaps 100%.


Once and a while I run some additional errands. Maybe I head off to a meeting or visit a friend. All of my meetings and travel are well-documented in my Google Calendar, which my Model S clearly knows about…

Adjust the nightly charge capacity when my schedule clearly shows I’ll need a bit more juice for the coming day’s travel needs.

As a follow-up suggestion, if the ‘car’ was truly analyzing my ‘calendar,’ it could also make ‘recommendations’ for a target daily charge capacity based on the average of the last 90-days of use.

Moderator: The calendar is only updated when you get into the car. If you do not use your car every day, it might not have an up-to-date calendar. Perhaps Tesla could connect to an owner’s calendar another way, but there are so many incompatible calendar formats, this may prove very difficult.

Update 2: With Teslas offering more and more range, the need becomes far less.



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     Created 29-Apr-2017