Multiple Speed Limit Offsets



Offset from Speed Limit setting (in Driver Assistance Settings) is used for two purposes which should be split into two separate variables.


Offset is first used to warn that driving speed has crept above the set level (i.e 5 MPH over the speed limit).

The same offset is also used to determine the default initial setting for TACC and Autopilot (speed limit plus offset).

Ideally, it should allow different values for these two functions. For example, drive (using TACC) at the speed limit and also warn me when not using TACC if I am 10 mph above the limit.



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     Created 10-Jul-2017


Lets have the offset in % so that the increment at 30mph is far less than the increment at 70mph
    Created 6-Oct-2019
@ticobird: The Model 3 already has configurable speed alerts (visual or audible) if you exceed the configured Speed Assist speed. The problem is that the same Speed Assist speed is used as the cruise control's initial speed. I want my car to yell at me if I'm grossly exceeding the speed limit (as it's probably inadvertent), but I don't want my car to accelerate up to grossly exceeding the speed limit whenever I engage the cruise control.
    Created 11-Dec-2018
I find I'd like different offsets at different speeds (lower at lower speeds). So maybe the option to use a percentage, or lower of a percentage or set max.
    Created 2-Dec-2018
This is a great idea and could be implemented through new programming.  So what sort of notice do you think should notify the driver of travelling faster than the speed limit, e.g., "Ahem, you're going faster than the allowed speed limit" or would a new audio beep such as an annoying beep every 3 seconds be enough notice?
    Created 1-Aug-2017