Access Dashcam Video in Phone App Including HW2




Connect the phone app to the cloud storage so that videos stored in the cloud can be downloaded. This would be especially nice for HW2.0 owners, who have sentry mode, but cannot access videos.


Moderator: It’s not clear what if anything is stored on Tesla’s servers. Still would be a great addition.


We’re going to close this out.  It’s our current assessment that HW2.0 does not have enough processor power and camera connections to accomplish this.  One solution is to buy the MCU2 hardware retrofit.

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     Created 3-Jun-2019

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This would be nice, BUT, does Sentry Mode for HW2 actually record video directly to the cloud?  I'm not convinced that this actually occurs; available information for us poor HW2 folks is scarce.
    Created 1-Jul-2019