Nav Charge View – No Zoom Out


Now Implemented!


On the Nav screen, when you select the Charge view (lightning bolt icon), do not zoom out.


I frequently look for a charger nearby. It might be a charge point that I already know but want to navigate to, based on traffic. It might be that I am in a city, approaching where I want to go and looking for a charger nearby. What I find annoying is that when I click on the change point view of the map (the little lightning bolt) the map zooms way out. I have to zoom it back in then. Typically all this happens in the city with traffic going on and every click that I don’t have to do helps to keep my focus on the road.


Mostly implemented.  Depending on your zoom level, no change may occur when you select the Supercharger lightning-bolt icon on the map.  If it does change, a second tap returns you to the prior zoom.

Along the way, it also adds a list of Supercharger locations by order of distance from your current location.

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     Created 2-Jul-2018


Couple other items related to this...

  1. Let us mark a supercharger as a NO GO - I use many while traveling and a couple have NO conveniences or very few and no food allergy options.

  2. Let us use scroll wheels either on the screen or on the steering wheel to set charge level.

    Created 2-Dec-2019
Yep - that zoom out [poke the lightning bolt] is a distraction, and shouldn't happen.
    Created 6-Oct-2018