No Unfold Mirrors When Doors Unlock



It would be great to provide an option to allow the mirrors to unfold when the driver sits down and presses the brake pedal to start the car.


I’m constantly dodging the mirrors on my car as I walk by. It would be way better if the mirrors unfold when I start the car, instead of the current behavior of unfolding when the doors unlock.

I park in a narrow driveway and need to walk past the car to get into my house. As I walk by with the key in my pocket, the car unlocks and the mirrors unfold just as I get to the place I need to squeeze by. Defeats the whole purpose of folding them.



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     Created 2-Dec-2023

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I need them folded to get out of the garage.  They can unfold as I reach 5 mph.
    Created 2-Dec-2023