Traffic Aware Cruise Control


Now Implemented!


Offer a cruise control that is combined with brake assist and keeps the car at a set distance to the car traveling ahead.


You set the speed, say, to 80 MPH. Now a car changes into your lane, traveling slower. The Model S would automatically break to keep the distance and follow that car at that preset, speed-dependent safe distance. Once the car vacates the lane Model S would accelerate to the set speed again.

So convenient! I have driven rental cars that had it and from Seattle to Portland, OR, I never hit the brake or accelerator once! Just kept cruising along…

Many car makers offer this now.

It costs $2800 on a 2014 Mercedes-Benz E350 Sport sedan (but includes other safety systems). On a 2014 BMW 528i, it costs $1800 (but includes a rearview camera and other safety systems).


Implemented in new cars made after November 2014 and with v6 software.

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