Display Trip Meters in App



Show the trip meters in the Tesla phone app.


Tesla’s smartphone app shows some of the car’s state but it would be natural and convenient to show more.

There should be another screen next to “Home”, “Controls”, “Climate” that should be called “Trip”. This screen should show the same information as the in-car trip meters, i.e., “since the last charge”, “A” and “B”. This facilitates trip evaluation at home/on the desk without the need to take notes on paper while in the car.

Moderator: This post originally included having the odometer in the app. Odometer only is in a separate feature post, now implemented.



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     Created 21-Oct-2013

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I would love this to track my lease mileage.  I check the miles from the dash then calculate where I should be.  Maybe a bit too left brained :)

    Created 31-Mar-2015