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Currently, you can select any of the FM stations/channels from a complete list, including if they are in HD or not. Though the list shows the callsigns of the stations, it doesn’t display the music format/genre.

If the current song (title and artist) could be displayed it would allow finding stations in unfamiliar territory more easily. Perhaps it could be done on request, to save power if the feature is rarely used. If it was on constantly, I imagine using the feature to find the next song as the current song is coming to an end, selecting the next station to hear the listed song. I use this feature with Sirius XM in the car all the time, though Sirius has the advantage of starting the songs at the beginning, by playing from the digital cache.


Moderator: This feature might be technically possible, but it would seem to require a very expensive multi-channel FM radio, where it listens to all channels all the time, recording song title data when available. Costs might be $2000+ and it would likely take up a lot more physical space and power to run all those radios. A large database of songs to the genre would also be necessary. Radio stations could stop sending song data to prevent users from auto-switching to another station to avoid commercials.



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I'm sure about the auto-switching but radios that show genre and album art are available on a $28k Toyota.  If the requester is asking for something completely different than please disregard this comment.
    Created 1-Aug-2018