Display Current Battery Charge in Watt-Hours



In addition to showing the kWh consumed since the last charge, add an option to display the current remaining power capacity in kWh.


I think this information is already available based on some articles by people who have hacked the power management system. Making this information available to the driver would provide more transparency when managing power consumption to the next charging station.

Moderator: Knowing the exact energy level (if that is even possible) may actually provide less value than you might expect.  The battery pack’s usable energy changes with temperature.  A cooled pack has quite a bit less energy.



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     Created 21-Jul-2018


Sometimes less is more.  Having the current representative bar graph indicating the status of battery capacity has never failed me.
    Created 8-Aug-2018
I say why not.  More information is always better than less.

With that said, I can pretty much tell by range remaining how much power I have left in the battery.  Since most people I know driving EV's don't charge based on kWh needed I find this not very useful for me.
    Created 1-Aug-2018