Disable Creep if Obstacle Detected



If Creep is enabled and sensors detect an obstacle in front of car, Creep should be temporarily disabled.


I recently forgot to put it in Park in a parking garage, took my foot of the brake, and it creeped forward and crashed into the car parked in front of me before I could react and hit the brake. Fortunately no damage to the other car, but it dinged up the front of mine (other car had a trailer hitch).

This may be trivial to do in software. And if for some reason I needed to crash into some obstacle, I would still have the option of affirmatively pushing the accelerator.

Moderator: Of course owners can just turn off Creep today and avoid the issue.



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     Created 9-Feb-2015


Driving is a privilege not a right.
    Created 2-Apr-2015
I agree that the original idea as I presented it doesn't work for the reasons mentioned.  On further reflection of my own driving habits what I think solves everyone's problems (including my own original one that inspired this idea) is very simple:

If a door is open, disable creep.  Or if the driver's door is open.

When I come to a stop, my foot is on the brake.  If I forget to put it in Park, then I open the door to get out and my foot comes off the brake as I'm exiting the car.
    Created 1-Apr-2015
When parking or maneuvering in tight spots I always use creep. If it were disabled when an object was nearby it would make this much more difficult, requiring alternating very quickly between accelerator pedal and brake pedal, rather than just brake pedal.

Also, sometimes the front sensor activates when I'm starting at a light with a slight dip at the beginning of the intersection or coming off of a hill to flat. In these cases, I also want creep to work.

I think the number of times this would help would be far outweighed by the number of times it would be a problem.
    Created 1-Apr-2015
I tried turning off creep but found that it doesn't work that well unless you're a two-footed driver (I.e., brake with left foot). For one-footed drivers creep is needed for the last few inches in a tight space.

Here's a better idea: if sensors detect an obstacle and driver completely removes foot from brake disable creep. That enables tight, last few inches maneuvering unchanged from today but disallows accidental crash like I did. And the user still has the option to hit the gas if he really needs to crash into something detected by sensor.
    Created 13-Feb-2015
At first sight this looks like a good idea. However, the sensors aren't accurate enough to creep right up to an obstacle, so the car would probably stop creeping with about 5 to 10 inches of space left. This would make it difficult for creep lovers to maneuver into a very tight space. They would have to switch from creep to using the accelerator for the last few inches, which kind of defeats the purpose of having creep in the first place. Might as well just leave creep off (which I recommend).

    Created 13-Feb-2015