Compass in Instrument Cluster



Add a compass to the instrument cluster display, perhaps only when the instrument cluster has an active navigation screen or as another left/right app.

Perhaps the display would appear as floating hemispherical type compass.


Moderator: A compass already appears in the top-right of the main navigation screen when the map is oriented to where the car is pointed.



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     Created 18-May-2017


I still don't understand why they don't already have a digital compass in the rear-view mirror; this is practically standard in many other cars costing many thousands less than Tesla.
    Created 1-Jul-2018
While I appreciate the editors input it's important to note that the compass on the nav screen only shows the heading when the map is put into the mode where the car is always traveling towards the top of the screen. I like to leave the map in the "north up" mode but still be able to see what my bearing is while driving without looking over to the main panel to find the grayed out compass.

    Created 5-Jun-2017