Detect Children Left in Car Seats



Using video or sound, detect when a child has been left behind in a vehicle. Notify owner via app.


The difficulty is avoid false positives from packages or pets in the car.

Perhaps a special car seat would solve the problem for all brands of cars. Detect lack of vehicle motion and/or out of bound temperatures and send a phone call sequentially to a group of selected people.



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     Created 30-Apr-2019


M3's have interior camera, and using the sensors - packages don't move, a child or a pet will always move sometime, especially if crying.  How about a big sign on the monitor upon parking - HAVE YOU CHECKED the BACK SEAT for your Child or Pet!
    Created 2-Dec-2019
We need to solve this problem fast!
    Created 22-Nov-2019
US House is working on at new law to address this issue

"Hot Cars Act of 2019"
    Created 3-Jul-2019
well if the child/pet is detected in the car and dog mode is not active, it should activate it and send an alert via the app

option to use seatbelt and seat sensor to activate

if the user get the alert and know that it is just a heavy package they should be able to turn off dog mode via the app
    Created 2-Jul-2019