Traffic Aware Earlier Lane Change for Exit



When there’s a lot of traffic, or maybe based on a user setting, change lanes sooner to prepare to exit.


It can be stressful as the car tries to move over at almost the last minute, and in heavy traffic, it can miss the exit. In those situations, I prefer to get into the correct lane 2-3 miles prior to the exit.



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     Created 30-Jul-2021


What it should do is what Elon is always saying that 'we' do and that is to look at the traffic and decide when to change lanes. If there is a lot of traffic in the lane we need to be in, we switch over early so that we aren't stuck in a lane when we need to be in another lane coming up. It happens on the highway too, like getting stuck behind a semi in the right lane while everyone else is going around it, 'We' routinely look ahead as far as we can see, and that is often 1/4 mile or so on a highway.
    Created 3-Nov-2023
Also should look ahead more than seemingly 200 feet. I have one place where the car tries to put me in the left lane before making a left turn and that puts you in a left turn only lane when I need to go straight and should have been turning left from the right lane.
    Created 3-Dec-2022
This is a big one!
    Created 1-Sep-2021