Force Headlights Always On When Driving



For headlights, offer an option to force headlights to default on (not Auto setting).


It is much easier to distinguish a parked car, from a driving car, when the driving car has lights on, for both pedestrians and drivers. As it is with suddenly low hanging fog in the early morning, and cars that do no have lights on. The auto option is just not good enough for me in some situations.



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     Created 17-Jul-2019


In some states in the US, it is the law to have the headlights on when the wipers are on (or more specifically when it is raining). This should be an option. I'm also a fan of an option for lights on during low visibility. This could be a sensitivity setting.
    Created 27-Jan-2022
I believe I never misjudged a parked car from a driving car, in 22 years. I could be missing something here. In my country when parked, any way any time it is obliged when starting to drive to do it in the order: 1) give way to anyone at all 2) use your blinker and drive off.

Renowed voices say head lights always on decrease accident numbers. I however am convinced it also has a major drawback with bycicles. At semi-darkness like during rain and sunset, with every car having headlights on it is much easier to overlook bicycles that have not turned their lights on. And they tend to react less well on the impact, it is better in town to hit another car than a cycle I think.
    Created 30-Sep-2019
That is correct, if it then also would include rear lights it would fulfill my wish.
    Created 17-Sep-2019
The daytime running lights are always on, which seems to address this suggestion.
    Created 5-Aug-2019