Daytime Running Lights Control



Offer an option to turn the DSL on or off.


This used to be an option on some cars but it’s no longer there! It’s still listed as a feature saved to my driving profile but, it’s no longer a feature that can be selected in the lights menu. Now, the headlights turn off after 4 minutes of driving in daytime lighting. So I turn headlights on because I think it’s safer to drive with headlights on. I’m willing to sacrifice a few miles of range to keep my headlights on.

Moderator: Tesla may have removed the option to comply with regulatory requirements in some areas that require DRL to remain on if headlights are off. Manually turning on the headlights turns off DRL In our area, DRL is on if the headlights are not on (California).



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     Created 11-Jan-2020


I drive thru a Christmas light display where headlights of any kind are discouraged.  This would be a nice feature in such a case.
    Created 1-Jan-2021
Linda, I believe we are in agreement. We definitely need the option to 

use or not use them at our discretion without having to hack the car to
do so.
And now I am having to hack my new Tesla to get rid of that idiot noise,
or at least change it to womething amusing.
    Created 20-Feb-2020
Doc, I appreciate your opinion but insist that the driver should have the option to choose DRL on or off, regardless of effect on power or bulb life.  Owner discretion is warranted, just as range mode is an owner discretion / driver's choice option.
    Created 20-Feb-2020
I detest DRLs. They are dazzling, waste power and bulb life, even LEDs. 

When I was learning to drive, highbeams on in the daytime meant an
emergency. They are NOT required by law or ordinance in my location,
denks Gott. I have defeated them in every vehicle I own.
    Created 12-Feb-2020
Weird. My MS 2013 still has the running lights option.
    Created 31-Jan-2020