Time In Instrument Display


Now Implemented!


Always show the date and time in the instrument display, similar to what appeared in pre-7.0 software. With v7 date was entirely removed and time requires using up one of the two available widget spots.




Version 7.1 added back in the time, which was the major objection in 7.0. Date is still gone, but we’re going to close this one out.

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     Created 17-Oct-2015


I've missed the Day/Date since v7 was loaded. Since I don't have an AP capable vehicle I don't get to be distracted and delighted by the AP goodies. While we're at it. Put the state of charge icon back over the central cluster and return the icon for the battery charge widget to a battery shape rather than the rather non-informative "N" shaped icon.
    Created 1-Dec-2015
Call the customer support line and request the dash display options discussed here.  If they hear it directly from us they are more likely to make it happen sooner.
    Created 4-Nov-2015
Billlanger is spot on. This whole topic should be considered as Legendary. The few times I drove the MS I saw these features as Tesla Basic Information and it seems now that I can look back at it as must have. Talking to 2 of my buddies who have early models I found out how passion is a part of owning one of these cars. I don't think the software designers folks are real car people. If they were I guess they can't get why you would not change the face of another fellows ride without asking. It would be like driving your car for 3 years and now you get into your car and it's now not yours. ( try thinking coming home from work and your doctor gave your wife a face change. Yes, same lady but a stranger to look at) We like upgrades but we also like the original deplay. Can you give us the option to swap back and forth.
    Created 22-Oct-2015
I would would like to see day and temperature returned to the drivers display also. While I'm at it, I would like to see PRND status moved to the center because of the importance to safe operation.
    Created 21-Oct-2015