Dashcam Streaming option



Expose a dashcam stream.


A dashcam is a great feature, and the simple thumb drive method is brilliant for most users.

However, it does have its drawbacks. Thumb drives get corrupted due to power being cut unexpectedly, the 1h loop is not always enough, you have to take the drive out to access footage, etc.

We’ve seen attempts such as using a Raspberry Pi to get around these issues. While I applaud these attempts, I would suggest an alternative to allow this to be handled in a more elegant manner: expose the dashcam footage as a stream.

My suggestion would be to allow a device to connect as a USB serial port and receive a continuous (MPEG-TS?) stream of footage from the front camera which it can store and/or process as it wishes. Telemetry, like speed/GPS location etc, could possibly be included as a data stream. It could also require a command and/or authentication sequence in order to start the steam.



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     Created 11-Aug-2019