Daily/Weekly Charging Limits



Offer the ability to set the maximum charge limit for each day of the week.


Weekends or even certain days of the week may require more charging than other days, it would be useful to program the charge limit by the day of the week versus only a universal charge limit.

Moderator: Not entirely sure what the objective is here.  Generally charging to your desired threshold daily is best. For example 90%.  Perhaps if you have an early car with limited range and there are days you need to go 100%, but it’s not advised to do this regularly as it can reduce the long-term battery health.



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     Created 17-Nov-2016

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Also make the setting for the charge limit a "scroll type UI wheel" so we could set the level we want vice "75%"  I can never seem to slide the indicator to the correct line.
    Created 2-Dec-2019