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The European DAB radio requires users to tune to a frequency, then select from the stations on that transport stream.  Present a list of stations instead.


This is impractical, as one does not know (or need to know) which frequency a station is on. It’s even dangerous as it distracts the driver’s attention from the road.

A better solution would be to present the list of available stations and let the user select from these. The radio would be free to monitor which transport has the highest signal strength or lowest error rate to receive the station

Other DAB radio implementations, even portable ones, have this functionality.

Actively scanning the DAB spectrum to continually select the best transport needs a dual tuner system, so a hardware change may be required for this additional feature.


DAB stations introduced with software 2020.8.1.

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Implemented in v8.0 - Model X
    Created 27-Oct-2016