Tire Change Mode



Using the air suspension system that lifts one tire off the ground for easy tire replacement, perhaps with four linear actuators to perform as a jack in each corner. More suited to the Cybertruck but perhaps any vehicle.


Moderator: Sounds cool, but would add a lot of weight, complexity, and cost. The air suspension by itself would not be enough, as the vehicle could easily tip over while a tire is removed, a huge safety issue.



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     Created 18-Mar-2020


Good idea. Not only for punctured tires but more likely to change from and to winter tires.
    Created 9-Feb-2021
Ya something as simple as that would be perfect. And easy to implement
    Created 30-Mar-2020
Citroen had hydropneumatic suspensions in/around the 1960s.  The "jack" was simply an iron bar inserted in a fitting after raising the suspension to the highest position.  Then the suspension was lowered which resulted in retracting the wheels while the car was suspended on the "jack."  So the question is, will the Tesla air suspension retract the wheels if the chassis were being supported?  If not, that feature would not work for Tesla.
    Created 30-Mar-2020