Customized Pre-Conditioning Schedule



Offer the ability to set pre-conditioning times for each day of the week.


Currently one can select cabin to preheat and battery preconditioning for a set time, weekdays only or all week.  While it would likely be a bit challenging, adding the ability to customize this schedule on a day-by-day basis or even to work in conjunction with events in the calendar would be helpful.  I often find myself wishing I had remembered to turn on climate control half an hour earlier when getting into a cold car that also has minimal regen available because everything is cold.



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     Created 31-Jan-2023

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This is an excellent idea. I sometimes turn on preconditioning for a one-time need and then discover a week later that it is still activated. Some sort of indication that preconditioning has been set (flag in the app?) or the ability to precondition for just one event - one day - would be helpful.
    Created 10-Aug-2023