Custom Service Reminders



The ability to set custom reminders (based on miles or time) would be nice. For example, you could set a “Tighten wheel nuts” message in 30 miles to remind yourself to tighten them. (Typically for areas where separate winter tires are used.) When you pass 30 miles after setting the reminder, the car will alert you to (in this example) tighten the wheel nuts.  Rotate tires and check brake fluid might be two other common reminders.


I don’t know of any cars having this, although most modern cars have a counter to alert you when an oil change is due.



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     Created 21-Feb-2014


Make sure that we can edit the mileage or time in case we want a different time period.
    Created 27-Nov-2015
This could be added to the Alert area (just left of T), like when other alerts are issued.  In this case, the item should be postponable until taken care of.
    Created 20-Jul-2015
Or at least have the car send a notice 500 miles before the event so an appointment can be made
    Created 19-May-2015
Had this in a Toyota Sienna from 2004. Reminders to change oil, rotate tires, cabin air filter, etc.   Not a bad idea, actually!  I would like to see a nice "Your tires need to be rotated sometime soon" message.  Thank you, Jarvis. :)

What other reminders would you need?  With a routine visit to a Tesla service center,  let them do this for you.
    Created 5-May-2014