Cruise Stalk Improvement


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Offer an option to reverse the forward-backward operation of the Cruise Control stalk.


In both of my other cars (a Prius and a BMW) one pushes the stalk to engage the Cruise Control (go) and pulls it to cancel Cruise Control (stop). That is intuitive [ed. to some]. Forward means “go” like the accelerator on my Tesla.

I find it really hard to move from my other two cars to my Tesla – I often inadvertently accelerate my Tesla when I want to slow it and vice versa. If Tesla is concerned about “reprogramming” present owners, how about a software upgrade making the forward/back direction of the Cruise Control stalk “go or slow” optional at the choice of the owner?

Moderator: It could be argued it acts more like the brake pedal – press back to stop TACC and pull forward engage. Some manufacturers like Audi and Mercedes Benz use the same method as Tesla. Still, with no consistency across all cars, an option like this would be helpful to some owners until every car is a Tesla!


Solved by removal of the stalk altogether.  The mid-year 2021 S/X no longer has stalks!

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     Created 6-May-2017

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Agree! The present setup is counter-intuitive. Please allow a user to change this.
    Created 2-Jan-2019