GPS Speed Limit Feedback




Have the means to signal Tesla that the GPS indicated speed limit is wrong for a section of road so that with enough crowdsourced input, the database can be corrected.


Sometimes the GPS-based speed limits are wrong and the autopilot may trigger a slow down for a false speed limit, or be set too high in a radar zone, or be wrong in a work in progress place. For example :

  • near Paris, there is the A86 duplex. a tunnel at 70 km/h, at one point it crosses a road perpendicularly, but 30 meters above which is at 50 km/h. The autopilot brakes in the tunnel here, which is not nice and dangerous.
  • The A13 freeway is at 110km/h and 130 km/h, but the GPS data knows it only at 130 km/h. Quite annoying.

This would be great to have a feedback ability in the car, just like in the Waze app to signal impossible routes, and wrong speed limit without having to wait for the cameras to be able to take care of what it reads. We can currently let voice commanded notes about that, (start command with “note” or “bug report” and say your feedback) but it doesn’t look like it is put into the system.

Google maps and Waze look like they have better speed limits data records. OpenStreetMap is taking enormous advantage of crowdsourced feedback, Tesla should also use this power.

  • This would need some UI commands in the navigation app, (a button and a menu to tap what we want to feedback about, in a first version just about the speed limit, we would enter the correct speed. the copilot could be a great help on that) and an API to store the feedback. the Note voice command could be reused here.
  • Enough feedback on a road would automatically change the speed limit for a place, too divergent feedback speed limits would trigger a requirement to be validated by a human.


We’re closing this out as Tesla has switched to sign reading rather than using the GPS speed database.

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     Created 3-Jul-2018


Yes, If there were a button on the mcu to press when the speed limit is wrong, pressing it could trigger a lookback and capture of dashcam footage and store it to a cloud location to run through some software to look for the sign. Probably could be automated pretty quickly.
    Created 30-Oct-2018
DITTO - the mcu [and associated s/ware] need the camera input to correct errors or erroneous speed sign camera data when encountered.
    Created 6-Oct-2018
I agree with AndyM.  Eventually when Full Self Driving is enabled, the cameras should be capable of reading all street signs.
    Created 8-Aug-2018
Cameras should capture the posted signs and adapt dynamically, not just rely on reported data. This will account for temporary signs (road works, etc).
    Created 4-Aug-2018