License Reader/Criminal Vehicle Alerts



Identify license plates that have been released by authorities. These could include Amber Alerts, Silver Alerts, and all other vehicles in pursuit.


We all see the highway signs for these alerts. But, most can’t recall the make, model and license plates. So, we dismiss and move on down the road. The vast and growing Tesla network can save lives beyond its safety ratings and autopilot!

Moderator: The current cameras do not have enough resolution to do a good job at this. Cars need to be within 8 feet or less to make out a license plate. It’s also not clear how much leftover processing power is available when using AP, although perhaps when AP is off, it could do such tasks.



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     Created 28-Sep-2019


If it was an optional feature I would probably enable it. But I would like to disable at my own discretion.
    Created 1-Nov-2020
Sounds like a great after market opportunity for the vigilantes amongst us.  But, not a Tesla priority.
    Created 3-Jan-2020
Sounds very noble, but also as a mean tool for corrupt governments. I suggest the government asks this at Tesla's, not us the bystanding camera-owners.
    Created 5-Oct-2019