Obstacle Detection Braking at Low Speeds



When in low speed (below 10 mph) and no pedals are being pressed or are pressed lightly, and an obstacle is detected in the direction of the car is going, a progressive brake is being applied to avoid collision and stop inside the 20 inches minimal distance.

It should apply to forward or backward.


Use-cases that this feature will prevent accidents:

  • When creep mode is enabled and the car moves backward when forward is engage in a hill;
  • When auto-pilot is disabled by mistake or attempting to enable the auto-steering (that fails right after) in the traffic and in a hill (when this happens the car simple creep to the hill direction because the auto-steer failure also disable the auto-break/acceleration);
  • When parking the car or leaving the parking and the driver engage the wrong direction by mistake (yeap this happens to old people, they get scared and end up hitting the car);
  • When the driver mistakenly press the brake not strong enough to enable the hold mode in a hill and the car start moving towards another car;


Partly implemented with the oddly named feature “obstacle aware acceleration” in 2019.

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     Created 26-Jun-2019

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I would like this. I already scratched the front spoiler lip on a curb because I was moving in a parking lot while messing with my phone.  It should brake when it shows under 15" or so.

    Created 5-Oct-2019