View Dashcam and Sentry in Car


Now Implemented!


Create a new app to run on the car MCU that will allow the user to browse the footage recorded by the dashcam, or by sentry mode while sitting in the car.


It would be very nice when you get back to your car and you see that a sentry event has occurred to be able to play it back right then on the screen, instead of having to take the USB key out and looking at the footage on a PC, then later hoping you remember to put the key back in.

As part of the app, have the ability to select videos to share(for example with law enforcement), so you can send them evidence immediately thru the cell data connection, instead of having to give up your USB key.


Implemented in April-2020 with version 2020.12.5

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     Created 10-May-2019


My $20 WYZE cam provides real-time video notice to my Apple watch and instant review on my iPhone.  Why can't Tesla offer this?
    Created 1-Feb-2020
Taking the stick out to review wastes so much time and effort. A brilliant feature spoiled by inability to review in-car.
    Created 1-Feb-2020
I think this is one of the most important requirements.
    Created 4-Jan-2020
also text message plus picture to owner when event happens

    Created 22-Nov-2019
We definitely need an in-car app to manage video on the usb.   It seems incredibly archaic to require physical USB removal to examine/manage  USB content in a car as sophisticated as the Tesla.

    Created 6-Oct-2019
And if the car's sentry mode was triggered, automatically play that footage on the touchscreen, when the driver hops into the car, so they can see if it was warranted, and if they need to save the footage (in the case where a car or person hit the tesla).
    Created 22-Sep-2019
Purchase a USB to whatever connector your smartphone requires and install a viewing app - there is more than one app for doing this.
    Created 3-Jul-2019
This is implemented by saving cams to USB menory.
    Created 3-Jun-2019
Include the ability to delete unwanted files as well
    Created 1-Jun-2019