Audio to Continue Where you Left Off



When listening to a streaming service in the car, have the audio continue from the last position on another device such as a phone. Similarly, if listening on a device, when getting in the car, the audio should start at the last position.


For all other devices such as a computer or a mobile device, when you switch which device you are listening to, the music will pick up wherever it left off on the previous device. This previous song state is likely tied to the Spotify account somehow. This behavior is different in the Tesla; when I play Spotify it will pick up where I left off in the Tesla rather than what I was listening to on my other devices.



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     Created 14-Oct-2019


The USB player not resuming playing (and also having forgotten what was playing at that it was playing at all) is my NUMBER 1 complaint. Make this work, and it will be fantastic.
    Created 3-Mar-2023

Mostly this works fine for USB playback, but once in a while it does not.

I have not been able to observe what is different when it does not work.

I have a hard disk attached, I thought perhaps it uses too long to spin up and it works when I preheat or wake up the car beforehand and not when I approach the car without it being awake. But I observed this when I had a USB memory stick attached as well, so probably is another factor.

I will try to pinpoint the conditions needed to reproduce.
    Created 25-May-2020
The other odd thing is that, returning to the car the next day, sometimes it will pick up the playback point on the USB where it left off, sometimes it won't. I've not yet been able to work out what determines this. Using the recent folder option can take you back to the beginning of the last folder, which helps to a degree, but is still a frustration in a large folder.
    Created 24-Nov-2019