Concealed USB Locations


Now Implemented!


Add always-on USB charging ports to the glove box, rear hatch, or frunk areas to securely charge devices while away from the car. These do not have a data connection.


I carry my music library around on a portable hard drive which lives in the center console. This leaves a bright blue LED power light visible all the time. More importantly, it consumes 50% of the USB ports for a device that I don’t need convenient access to. With the introduction of data plans, owners may consider leaving a hot spot in the car for wi-fi data access. This would eat up the other USB port leaving none available for driver & passenger phone charging.

Moderator: There are $10 devices that plug into the 12V power jack that can provide one or two high-power charging ports, but this power is turned off when leaving the car.


All new Teslas (as of late 2020) include an additional USB connection in the glove box.  This offers both the ability to charge and use for music or the dashcam feature.

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     Created 1-Sep-2013


The MS needs at least one hidden USB port, and a 12v port that stays on for using cool boxes, etc.
    Created 13-Sep-2015
I still do not understand why the MS, does not have USB or 12v ports, for the back seat occupants. Most cars, having consoles, have 2 or more, inside the console AND more in the rear occupant area of the console.

Just what is inside our MS console anyway?
    Created 8-Sep-2015
If the light is bothering you, I suggest using a small piece of electrical tape to cover it while driving.

You could also just get a 2-port USB flush adapter for the 12V outlet.  That is switched off when the car is off.
    Created 30-Dec-2013
I'm not sure I see the benefit of "charging only" USB ports? I for one wouldn't mind having a data-capable port in the glove box (or somewhere else, for that matter), allowing me to keep the USB stick out of sight and harms way while still being able to play the music on it.
    Created 17-Oct-2013