Collision Avoidance System


Now Implemented!


A pre-crash avoidance system whereby the car will recognize an upcoming object and automatically brake if the rate of speed is excessive going into that object, particularly given the distraction concern with the center display.


Several high end cars offer similar optional systems. For example, the Lexus LS460 offers a pre-collision system for $1500.


Included with cars that have auto-pilot hardware.

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     Created 11-Nov-2013


Does Collision Avoidance work for the rear as well?  Would have really come in handy this past summer....
    Created 2-Jan-2016
Already implemented, but for some ridiculous reason it won't stop the car and avoid a crash, it only reduces your speed by a set amount and then gives up, should continue to brake until the collision has happened, or is successfully avoided.
    Created 1-Jan-2016
I think, if I am understanding this request correctly, this feature is already implemented.

Our build date, 7/15/2015, MS 85D, with tech package, has options that allows the car to do just this, Adaptive Cruise Control and blind spot detection.
    Created 8-Sep-2015
This, as well as blind spot detection is now available (v6.2), at least with the tech package.
    Created 31-Mar-2015
I was surprised that there was no option for this or blind spot detection.  I had assumed that perhaps because these systems would present  a constant power drain?
    Created 7-May-2014
I've heard of a system that allows the cruise control to maintain distance on a car that it's following. Crash avoidance might be the same system? The main item to be sensing an excessive closure rate. Maintaining closure distance could easily be done with low power laser.
    Created 3-May-2014
I'd live to see it, but sounds like an expensive retrofit.
    Created 30-Dec-2013