Climate Control Presets


Now Implemented!


Save and restore climate controls via Driver profiles.


Presets can be stored in the driver profiles. Drivers can switch to multiple custom settings to adapt to tastes and needs.


As of 2018, the seat heaters and temperature settings are saved with the driver’s profile.

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     Created 14-Jun-2013

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When choosing my driver's profile, it should correspond by setting my preferences in: steering wheel, seat adjustments, cabin temps on My side, radio selections and volume, steering assist - Normal - Comfort or Sport, reverse mirror tilt and other associated mirror settings.

Also, when setting the Exit Profile, the settings don't seem to allow for suspension height up. Radio volume already goes down when the driver's door is opened.m :)

It would be nice if there was a 'Exit' check off screen,, listing each feature. Activate the feature 'On', move the corresponding item to where you want it, select 'Save'.

I noticed when I tried to change the Suspension's height setting for an Exit Profile feature, it seemed to do a Geo Fence for the bank, and for the ball park. Each time I drove by these places, the suspension system would raise the car up because I had set up the Exit profile, when I was there. I want to be able to Geo fence for certain spots And, use it for an Exit Profile.
    Created 8-Sep-2015