Clickable Supercharger Web Map


Now Implemented!


This isn’t a feature request for the car, but for the Tesla Motors website. Is it possible to make the red dots on the Supercharger map clickable, so that when you click on it (or mouse over it), the location of that supercharger pops up? Seeing the list of superchargers below the map is one thing, but it’s more useful to be able to look at the map, click a dot and see the location.


Many websites have clickable maps. Seems that the Supercharger map not being clickable is an oversight but easily added.


Made available in 2014 here.

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     Created 29-May-2014


An obvious and important improvement.
    Created 2-Jul-2014
this would vastly improve the use of the map.  Several other groups we belong to use this method to make locating campground, fuel stop, etc. easier to find.

    Created 18-Jun-2014