Chrome Trim Option



Offer an option to have Chrome trim as older cars used to have.


All Tesla vehicles in 2021 minimize the use use of Chrome, sometimes called Chrome delete.

It would be great to get back more contrast, with a chrome or white finish around the windows.

Moderator: One alternative is to use a wrap to change “black” areas to another color, such as chrome or white.



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     Created 28-Sep-2021


The black trim and wheel fad will eventually pass.  Remember the two years that clear tail light lenses were cool?
    Created 10-May-2022
The decision to remove the "chrome" trim, in my opinion, made as much sense as Pickett's charge. And equally dumb.

The black trim looks like hammered crap on a blue or a red Tesla, or perhaps even the grey. It can look great on the white cars, and if you are into the "stealth" meme, I guess. To each his own.

Yes, you can get the "chrome" look can be done with a wrap. And at a heavy cost, and it is not permanent. I would have paid extra as an option on my new car. Now I will be out about $1200 to fix their mistake.
    Created 1-May-2022