Chill Braking for Autopilot/TACC


Now Implemented!


Reduce aggressive braking when autopilot or TACC is engaged by increasing the stopping distance.


This is similar to the Chill feature provided by reducing sudden acceleration.


We’re going to close this one out as implemented.  The braking today (June-2021) is quite smooth as compared to years ago when this was created.  In addition, you can set the following distance further away to act as a “Chill” mode.

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     Created 24-Apr-2018


I think this could be fixed if you were able to tailor down the jolt for non-emergency braking when slowing down or speeding up for cruise control reactions.

We can maintain the high jolt output when manually driving to preserve the fun.
    Created 28-Oct-2019
Incorporating more info from real-life driving situations in which the driver overrides AP, will mitigate this somewhat.

However I think different owners will have different preferences for the aggressiveness of AP.

As a start, extending “chill mode” to more AP behaviors, makes sense to me.
    Created 1-Dec-2018
First, I think we all follow too closely, whether driving manually or selecting a distance setting with an adaptive cruise control. You will get a lot more smoothness in both deceleration and acceleration if you just move that number from a 2 to a 5. Also I have found it a great idea to actively change the following distance setting as the situation unfolds.

Having said that, there are still situations where the AP could do better. When you are in the right lane or next preparing for an exit, you often will have traffic accelerating and merging in from the right ahead of you. I like the idea of the AP detecting a turn signal from a car in an adjacent lane that would bring it into yours, and moving slowly back before the car actually starts changing lanes.
    Created 1-Dec-2018
i usually use the 2 second distance, and yes, that would be great to have a chiller option for braking. Even in slow traffic jams it is quite harsh.
    Created 12-Jun-2018
AP1 is an example of well behaved autopilot.  AP2 never achieved the smooth acceleration/braking of AP1.  AP2 also is more apt to use ABS, which pumps the brakes and causes a shuddering noise during aggressive braking.  I keep the distance setting to five or more to avoid the noise.
    Created 2-Jun-2018
Why? It appears to be taken care of with better AP and TACC
    Created 12-May-2018
Would like to have the option to have it switched on automatically W/ EAP and TACC  to smooth out both acceleration and deceleration.

For example when someone merges in front of you on the freeway TACC will start braking vs just coast to a slower speed to regain the original spacing

Like wise, when someone ahead of you moves aside, acceleration is more than some would like for a smooth ride.
    Created 26-Apr-2018