Charging Schedule by Day



Allow a charging schedule to optimize charging at the lowest electricity prices.


My home has Time Of Use (TOU) metering. Rates vary based on the day of the week and time of day. It would nice if a more advanced schedule for charging can be set to start at a particular time that would allow some flexibility based on the day of the week.

Our Fiat 500e had this though it was an ugly user interface that was hard to get right.

Moderator: Even better would be knowledge of all the crazy rate schedules for every electric company so it could be pre-loaded for the local TOU schedule. PG&E (California) has two periods (Summer/Winter), a badly designed clock that is not DST aware (so two more schedules), and three TOU periods that change between weekdays and weekends.

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     Created 8-Nov-2017


I see in the Owners Manual for the Model S that the charging tries to complete before 6 am. This may be a fine default time for Freemont, CA, it is not universal. As a new owner, I was surprised to see that the optimal TOU start/stop times were not configurable in the system. This seems like such an easy thing to do.
    Created 3-Jan-2020
Full schedule in a week or a date would be nice.

But  simple way to start time and end time, even manually everyday, is fundamental for the electrical tariffs fares we are used in Europe. Nowadays you have even very low cost from 1-7am, while you pay 3-5 times more outside that slot.

Depending on the KWs you have allowed to charge (e.g. modest apartment can have 4,5KW) and you limit to 13-16A (or 3.7KW) the battery won't finish charging, but you will just maximize everyday's tariff.

If you need to fully charge up to a certain 90%, you just eliminate the end time
    Created 30-Mar-2019
I have a large solar electric system on my home and actually produce more power than I consume.  I also have a great rate for night time TOU on Sundays and could charge during the day but I don't because I charge every night after 10pm and my MS is always fully charged in the am.  If you want to change you time of charging you have a phone app that will let  you change the level of charge and turn on or off time dependent charging which isn't hard to do.

Every time we ask and get these convenience items added to the mix it costs money and those costs get rolled out to the buyers of these cars.  Since I'm going to buy another Tesla I'd like it as low cost as possible.
    Created 1-Aug-2018
This could also benefit charging on a electric system fed by solar panels that only provide cheaper electricity in the day time.
    Created 26-Jun-2018
I am using Econopmy 7 to charge my car at night, this has a start and finish time, so I would like to be able to enter a finish time for charging as well as a start time.
    Created 2-Jan-2018
I'd vote yes, yet I'm voting no because I'm not sure this is needed.  I find that my charging habit is fine using the "start charging after 10:00 PM" for my location works just fine. If the least TOU plan is the nighttime, set the car to start then and it will be done by morning.  The car won't start again the next day (in higher TOU plans.)
    Created 25-Nov-2017