Dual Car Charging Switchover


Now Implemented!


With home charging, automatically start charging a second Tesla when the first has finished charging.

This is particularly useful when total amperage in the garage is limited and you are trying to take advantage of reduced electricity rates from midnight to 6am. Would be good to charge one car to its set point and then start charging the second car. A bonus would be an option to stop charging at a specific time, such as 6am.


Moderator: This could be done in software if both cars were connected to AC power, have a good WiFi or 3G connection and the cars were linked in Tesla’s database. When the first car’s charging completes, the second car would start charging.


The new Tesla HPWC now supports multiple cars and automatically distributes the power to multiple Teslas.

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     Created 17-Jan-2015


It's implemented in Tesla's new HPWCs. Up to 4 cars can charge off a single breaker.

Wish it were available in Europe too.
    Created 31-May-2016
hmm this can also be controlled by the charger

as you can get a control unit that will monitor you main power line and dial up/down the amp to let the car use what is left, this mean that it is a pacive frature for the car teslar or nissan, bmw, vw, ...
    Created 5-Mar-2015