Mobile Cable Take-along Reminder



A reminder that pops us to carry charger cable with you. Often, we leave it at home and realize its absence when needed outside (particularly when free charging is available!)


One solution is to have two cables or use the HPWC at home and keep the charger cable in the car for remote use.



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     Created 14-Dec-2014


I did spring for an extra cable and very heavy duty 30' extension cord for those problem situations.  It cost, but it's nice to know that I am covered.  I know that I would always forget the UMC I use at home!
    Created 19-Dec-2014
I'd definately go for the extra cable. It also gives you some redundancy if one cable breaks.

Although, a function for a popup-screen where you can put whatever you want (Valet-info, reminders, whatnot) and perhaps even play a defined audio-track on the USB stick could indeed be useful.  Audio-track could be done by even having a file in the root of the USB stick with a specific filename, say TeslaPlayOnExit.mp3 for instance (Could open up for a range of audio customisation, I'll add it as a separete post, I think), or by some settings where you could browse for a file.
    Created 17-Dec-2014