Charge Port on Both Sides



Offer the option for two charge ports – one on each side of the car.


We have a two door garage. Unfortunately space there is very limited. To get maximum entry/exit space to get in and out of the cars, my neighbours and my car park drivers to drivers door. One car front in, one car back in. So the cable of the now charge port location is now very exposed to get accidently hit by driving in or out of the parking slot by the other car.



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     Created 28-Aug-2017


When you park in the city streets, having the charging port on the left, sometimes it makes difficult if not impossible to recharge because a short cable attached to the charging station. Happened to me several times. I understand that after years having Tesla cars the charging port on the left it's not as easy to change side nor to install two charging ports, but from the user point of view it would be useful to have them.
    Created 2-Aug-2020
Where does the subwoofer go when you put the charger in both sides?
    Created 27-Jul-2018
I like this option too,  but for a different use case: to more easily share a home charger between two Teslas.

I have a Model S and my wife has a BMW i3. The i3’s charge port is on the right rear side, making it easy for both cars to park in the garage head-first and share a single charger, located on the middle of the front garage wall. When my wife gets a Model 3 next year, she’ll have to back into the garage in order to use the charger, which is difficult in our small garage.

To address the supercharger concerns, it would be fine to only support supercharging on the left rear port (the current one) and restrict the other one to Level 2 charging.

This change would also give Tesla owners more flexibility in choosing a home charger location, even with only one car.
    Created 17-May-2018
Unnecessary expense.
    Created 1-Jan-2018
Would also require extra contactors and logic to isolate the port not in use; more expense for very little benefit.
    Created 2-Nov-2017
I sympathize with the OP's predicament but I totally agree with the first comment.  Implementing this feature would bring chaos to every Supercharger location.
    Created 4-Sep-2017
Would bring chaos to the Super Charger network, cross stall charging.... not a good thing.
    Created 4-Sep-2017