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Offer a single button for car-wash mode that raises the suspension (if air) and places the car in neutral, such that the driver can exit the car (i.e. to be pulled along the wash rack).


I see lots of Tesla’s at the car wash getting full service (vacuum, auto wash, auto dry, attendant window cleaning and attendant moving the car for hand drying). If you are not in the seat the car will automatically go into park and stop the car. I would like to see the car change height (if so equipped) and allow the car to remain in neutral even when no one is in the drivers seat. I use a premium car wash service where the car is transported through the was by rail and at the end the attendants open the doors and clean the windows then one gets in to drive it out of the wash rails for hand drying. Without this feature I or an attendant must sit in the car while its pushed/pulled through the wash and half the times the inside windows don’t get cleaned because of the auto park feature.

The feature would have to be smart enough to allow me to drive into the vacuum station and return to Park. I’d then set the screen to car wash which would allow setting the height and allowing the car to be left in neutral to be carried down the track. It would also remain in neutral if the doors are opened to allow the attendants to clean the interior windows and even sit in the seats. At or near the end of the track an attendant would enter the car and put it in drive and move it to a drying location then put the car in Park. It would be nice to have the screen go into cleaning mode but I can manage to set that manually.

Moderator: To place the car in neutral and allow the driver to exit, select Controls, and select the ‘E-brake and power off‘ tab. While depressing the brake pedal, press the ‘Car is in Park – Press for Neutral‘ button, then quickly press the ‘Power off’ button. The car will be in neutral and you can exit the car.


New car wash mode was added with 2021.24 software, rolling out in August 2021.  It turns off the wipers, rolls up all windows, closes and locks the charge port door, disables walk-away door unlock (so handles don’t pop out on the MS), and has a free-wheel option for car washes that drag the car through the wash cycle.

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     Created 4-Nov-2015



For Model 3, the Car Wash Mode would could include only deactivating the wipers and the charge door (otherwise the charge door will open when pressed by brushes, and get broken).
    Created 25-May-2020
In addition to turning off the Auto Wipers, also fold the mirrors.
    Created 31-Jul-2019
This button belongs under the service and maintenance section, but should automatically come into view when it realizes you are at a GPS location where it has been previously used. In addition to putting the car in neutral and turning off the wipers when activated, it should also make sure all the windows are rolled up. Once activated, the button should change modes and allow deactivation - put car into drive (assuming you have creep mode off or your foot on the brake) restore the wiper setting (probably automatic mode) which would be done at the end of the car wash.
    Created 6-Nov-2018
I would add a step that turns off the auto wipers as part of car wash mode.
    Created 30-Jul-2018
I still believe having a car wash mode (there is a valet mode) that would allow the care to be exited and still be in neutral with subsequent in and outs.  The sequence given above doesn't work in real life.

Let me explain, at my care wash I drive up to the vacuum station and exit the car (leaving the key fob inside).  The staff then moves the car to the wash lane.  The staff can't see the controls, nor are they willing to go through the sequence above, because I have the screen cleaning  mode set.  Once they get into the automatic wash lane, if there was a car wash mode, they could exit the car and it would be pushed along the track.  At the end of the track another staff person gets in and would shift to drive to move the car to the drying area.  Currently a staff person needs to sit in the car while moving along the track.  Since neutral requires someone in the seat.
    Created 15-Dec-2016
The neutral setting procedure is cumbersome and why not have a setting,  just like the screen cleaning mode, available in the control panel.


Also, the car wash I use has a vacum station prior to having the car moved to the wash line.  The button would allow the car wash person to move the car, press the button and exit the car.
    Created 10-Nov-2016
My car wash place already knows about the neutral setting procedure, so no need for a button.
    Created 1-Dec-2015
I don't let my Tesla go through an automatic car wash. They damage the 21s. Hand wash only.
    Created 1-Dec-2015