Camper HVAC Mode


Now Implemented!


Have an option to keep the HVAC running up to 8 hours (or perhaps a timer setting).


This allows you to sleep in the car comfortably in cold or hot weather. The feature should work both from the battery and if connected and charging. Interior lights would still toggle (would not be forced on or off). The instrument and main screens might go dark until a change in a door or trunk hatch opens or closes.


Implemented in the Oct-2017 software update for all Tesla vehicles as an option to keep climate on using Camper or Dog mode.  HVAC can also be turned on via the Tesla app on a phone.

(Suggested by Bjørn and others)

(voting combined from a close duplicate that has been removed)

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     Created 1-Jan-2015


I hit the voice command, say "Enable Dog Mode", then exit the vehicle.
When I come back, the interior is comfortable. Very easy, no futzing
with the touchscreen.
2020 Model 3
    Created 24-Jul-2020

Even though you can open the climate screen and turn it on there, an optional pop-up Exit window when putting it in park, with an option to keep the climate on, is a very convenient feature.

My Merc has a quickly physical button (not the Webasto button) for keeping the climate on (no AC though) before leaving the car. I used it every time I was visiting a shop. I miss the simplicity.
    Created 27-May-2020
Not implemented in Model 3
    Created 27-Jul-2018
Ive only slept in my Model S once and had expected the car to stay "on" as long as I was in the car with the fob. As it was now my sleepover experience was not a good one. For sleeping in the car I want the aircond/vent and the light to be on as well as the electricity in the cigarette and usb power outlets. This should work regardless if the car is being charged or not. Could not be that hard to implement so please do!
    Created 5-Jan-2016
I would like the 17" screen to default to an 'Exit' screen whenever the 'Park Button' is pressed. Similar to the 'Home Screen' functions.
The screens would present certain functions that you may need,
At That Time.
Ergo, upon Parking, you may need the ability to turn On or Off the headlights, retract the mirrors, mute the radio.
Or, you might need to adjust the HVAC to run for a certain period of time, then turn off.
Touch a slider and tell the system in need to stay on for xx minutes.
    Created 28-Dec-2015
The car can act as a hurricane shelter. This feature would be necessary in such a case.
    Created 2-Nov-2015
This is needed. I sleep in the car now and then and my only option has been leaving the Windows down a bit. Much rather have Windows up and system on. Timer can also shut AC off if battery reaches a preset low level to make sure you have plenty of power to get down the road a while.
    Created 22-Oct-2015
What I would like to see is...

When driver exit car and close door: If passengers are detected (we know the car can from seat belt alarm)

1. The Entertainment/Climate systems should be kept on.

2. The car should require key detection to start/enable drive again.


I have to deliberately not close the door 100% to let the entertainment system keep running when I i.e. go into the store while the rest of the family waits in the car.  Common, let the car be smarter. It knows there are passengers left inside, let them enjoy the entertainment system and climate control when the driver leaves the car.

This should of course be enabled as an OPTION in settings, so each owner can choose how the car behaves.


I did sub this as a separate suggestion, but the mods apparently thinks this was the same as this suggestion, I think not, but least I can make a comment here.
    Created 4-Oct-2015
it they add a "AC Shopping mode" make i GPS aware

    Created 2-Sep-2015
Model S connectivity is not always available.  The app continuously says it is trying to wake the car but it cannot be reached.  I am in a rural area for a month and would love to have a convenient way to keep the AC on when I leave the car.
    Created 18-Aug-2015
If you have an iPhone or iPad,

try getting Remote S, by Alan Wong's Regoapps

It has a "Camping Mode" function, which will keep the a/c on
    Created 2-Aug-2015
The app is great when it works, but it is relatively unreliable and can be frustrating. I agree it would be nice to be able set this from inside the car.
    Created 1-Aug-2015
I would like this feature too as I would love to be able to have my dog in the car while the AC is on - and stays on until I tell it to turn off.
    Created 1-Aug-2015
please this is a must have for the model X!

    Created 9-Jul-2015
I too would like to see this.  I'm not saying I can't use the app because I do.  I have had on occasion to not be able to connect to the car via the app.
    Created 4-Jul-2015