Cameras Viewable via Tesla App


Now Implemented!


Offer the ability to video camera video via a cell phone over the cellular connection. This might only be available when parked and as a plus would have recording abilities.


Would it be possible for Tesla …or some 3rd party programmer …to make the smartphone /iPhone system (is it Visible Tesla?) to remotely switch on and access the front and/ or the rear cameras of the cars when they are parked? That way you could monitor your car when parked in a dodgy area or car park, and maybe even record suspicious activity!

You could even monitor people entering your property if your car is parked in your drive.
But I guess the do-gooders, might say it is an intrusion into civil liberties, but that would be no different to CCTV in open places! Anyway, if they leave my property .. and that of others alone, there should be no problem!

Moderator: We believe with AP1 hardware design, the video feed cannot be fed into the cellular connection.  Likely HW2.5 or later is required as used by the dashcam feature. One issue is the amount of cellular bandwidth required, especially if Tesla is paying for it.


Now available with  2021.36.8 software in October 2021 for cars with AP3.

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     Created 17-Oct-2014


It would be nice if it could send you images and/or alerts when it detects your car is bumped and/or tampered with.
    Created 3-Jan-2016
This would be a wifi feature ...and be a dash cam too saving 1 minute of video before over writing
    Created 31-Mar-2015
I would think this really makes sense for WIFI only (with a WPA2 password at least). This means that you have to have some access to the facilities at the premises and if you own the premises you should be able to record there.
    Created 27-Jan-2015
I think this is a nice leveraging of the Tesla standard equipment as well as a good idea.
    Created 2-Dec-2014
If it is too expensive to use 3G it could use local wifi from a house or th garage next to the drive
    Created 2-Dec-2014