Cooling Preconditioning Auto Disable In Garage



Offer a setting to disable the cabin AC preconditioning when the vehicle is parked in the home garage. Should be a checkbox taking into account GPS location.


Ever since this feature came out, I find water accumulating under the rear of the car — typically by the left-rear wheel. [Moderator: from AC condensate line]

It can be a liability as my floor is tiled and can be slippery when wet, and even though I trust the hi-power charger to be safe, there’s nothing like standing in a pool of water when you’re connecting and disconnecting a 50A+ circuit 🙂

The kicker …. Living in Florida, my garages are climate controlled (i.e. air-conditioned and insulated doors).



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     Created 28-Feb-2017

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This would also allow the car to sleep and not deplete power as it ensures that the cabin is not overheated yet still leave the feature engaged for use in the wild.

    Created 25-Dec-2017