Physical Sunroof Button


Now Implemented!


Offer a button to open and close the sunroof.


I would like not to have to take my eyes off the street in order to open or close the sunroof – as cool and nifty as that touch screen sliding feature might appear at first sight. A button somewhere in the middle overhead, as is common in many cars, would be extremely helpful.


With version 10, you can use the voice command “Open Sunroof”.  While not exactly what asked for, it does offer a one-button operation.  Since the sunroof is no longer offered, there is no sense in adding a button.

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     Created 3-Jan-2014


I like looking at the road. A sunroof button would allow doing that, when the preference is to drive. This would help Tesla sell to both drivers and the riders it aspires to. The scroll wheels function poorly. They already have assigned purposes, and shouldn't be used for tasks that slow the rest down. That, and they often require excess scrolling to execute changes, like 'Volume'. A button would be much more discreet, if we're talking about function.
    Created 31-Jul-2017
Hello Volker,

yes, I know that I could do that. But that would mean that I lose the option of using that roller for other functions (quickly). But I'll try and see if I need the other functions at all in "real life"... It might be an option
    Created 20-Jan-2014
You could program your right-hand steering wheel roller to do exactly that.
    Created 20-Jan-2014