Onboard Charger for 72 amps



Have the hardware option to provide 72 or 80 amp AC charging when buying new or as a retrofit.


This option used to be available, but was removed in late 2018 from all models and the only option in new vehicles is 48 amps (11.5 kW in USA).

This is needed as some public locations that have higher power AC available. If you have limited time at such a location, the current onboard chargers do not cut it.

A better argument is done by Bjorn here.



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     Created 12-Nov-2018

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My Feb 2018 MS may have been one of the last with the 72-amp option, probably there mostly because it was a dealer “inventory car”, used in a lot of test drives so important to get it charged faster. Hmm, or not, I think most of the dealers have superchargers anyway.

I probably don’t need it, but if there are destination chargers out there with more than 40 amps it would help a lot when stopping for lunch.
    Created 2-Dec-2018