Brake Hold in TACC Beep



Issue an audible beep or other sound when brake hold is activated while in TACC (in addition to the small instrument panel hold icon).


When TACC brings the car to a stop, if the stop lasts more than x seconds (6-12 seconds?) brake hold activates. In stop and go traffic this means sometimes it continues on it own, and with longer stop times it requires pressing the accelerator. An audible alert would help notify the driver of the situation.



(originally submitted by JanosB, but accidently lost)

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     Created 27-Oct-2015

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Also, in version 7.0 the brake hold feature can be set manually by pressing harder although I find I have to look at the instrument panel to see if I have set it before letting off the brake pedal.  It would be great if the brake pedal could be programmed to produce a slight 'bump' of feedback sort of like a switch has been activated so I do not need to visually check the instrument panel.
    Created 1-Nov-2015