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Offer Dynamic Active Suspension.


A few years ago already, Bose demoed a revolutionary new electric active suspension system which is incredibly smooth and makes the car much more stable as well. You have to watch the video to see exactly how good it is, it’s a day and night difference with any suspension system on the market today:

Cars equipped with the system remain perfectly level during turns, and the body barely moves even on very bumpy test tracks.

I don’t know why it still hasn’t been implemented in cars you can buy, but it would be a perfect fit for Tesla! The system uses surprisingly little electricity as it can actually harvest some energy from bumps.

Moderator: One issue (from the video) is the Bose system seems to have 3-4 additional inches of height which doesn’t look all that good and would reduce range. The system is also quite a bit larger than the Tesla shocks, so significant structural changes would be required. System weight is 180 lbs and uses less than 50W. Perhaps suitable for a new body design.

Even though the video shows cars, Bose only sells them for Class 8 trucks and does not recommend them for cars. The cost is $6,000 and includes installation.


Dynamic Suspension added in April-2019 to the Model S/X.

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